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We've eliminated all the complexities involved with coordinating schedules,
confirming appointments, reminders, messaging ETAs, and payment processing.

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The first step is for you to decide if you want to have a tutor to come to your home or if you prefer a virtual session using our online video conferencing solution and digital whiteboard. The subjects, tutors, and their availability may differ based on your selection criteria which is why we need to know what type of session you wish to book to better help you. If you need immediate help with a subject, our Instant Tutoring option can get you into an online session in as little as 15 minutes.

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Our available subjects are clearly organized under their respective categories. Once you've selected a category you can watch a short explainer video for that category and select your subject. We value your time and only display subjects for which we have available tutors. If you don't find a tutor for the subject you're looking for, just drop us a note and we'll look into addressing it.

Once you have selected your subject you have the option of searching by Tutor or by Time Slot. If the time and date of your session is important to you, select the time slot that works for you and then select only from the tutors that are available at that time. If you want to see the entire tutor pool for your subject, select the By Tutor option.

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Extend, Review, and Rebook

Sometimes you're on the verge of a breakthrough and it would be beneficial to extend the session rather than waiting for your next session to finish what you're working on. A few minutes before your session ends, you and your tutor are presented the option to extend your session on your mobile device. If you both agree to extend your session, you just continue otherwise your session will end automatically at the end of its scheduled time.

If you want to schedule an additional session with your tutor or schedule recurring sessions (i.e. a 1 hour session every Tuesday at 6:00 PM for the next 3 weeks) you can do so using the Book Again feature accessible from the Session Detail page.

Once your session is completed you and your tutor have a chance to rate each other using a 5-star rating scale and provide comments. We encourage you to review your tutor as your feedback is extremely valuable in helping others in their selection and to us in maintaining a high caliber of tutors.

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Personalized Private Tutoring & Test Prep

Hundreds of Tutors. Find the one that suits you.

Every individual is different and learns differently. Our tutors are trained to customize their sessions to fit the needs of each student. This is particularly important when it comes to kids with special needs and learning disabilities as using a the correct teaching method and tools is absolutely essential to learning.

Test preparation typically involved learning a lot of material in a short period of time and learning the necessary test taking strategies and shortcuts is as important as the underlying subject.

To have a successful tutoring experience, you must have all the necessary ingredients:

Experienced Tutors
Customized teaching plan
Test taking skills
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We Make Learning Personal, In Person.

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