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Setting up your Tutor Garage session

We've made scheduling with Tutor Garage extremely easy. Once you've registered and completed your profile, you can schedule your session with just a few taps.

Registration and setup

Fast & Simple Registration - You can signup in less than a minute. We only need some basic contact information such as your name, email and phone number to get you started. You can even login with your Facebook or Google account which makes the process even faster.

Profile Completion - Once you've registered, we need you to complete your profile which is really just confirming your email and providing us with your address and preferred form of payment.

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Scheduling Sessions

Selecting Location - You choose whether you want to have your session at home or online and we'll show you every subject with an available tutor.

Selecting Time & Tutor - Once you select your subject, you can choose your ideal date and time and review the tutors available for that subject at that time or you can review our entire pool of tutors and once you find your favorite find out their availability. If you are the ultimate procrastinator, you can use our Instant Tutoring option and start your online session in as little as 15 minutes.

Actual Session - We send the reminders and provide the platform for conducting the session and extending it. Online sessions are conducted inside our video and collaborative digital whiteboard environment. As long as you've given our app notification permissions, you just need to wait for your Tutor to start your session when the time comes. If your session is at home, you will be notified once your tutor is heading out to you and again when they arrive at your home. While on their way, you can see your tutor's approximate location on a map, get an ETA, and contact your tutor via messaging or phone (private number) and they can do the same. If you want to tell your tutor where to park or how to get into your building, just give your tutor a call or send a message.

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