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Tutor Garage meets all your tutoring needs

Whether you're looking for academic tutoring in math or english, need help preparing for the SATs, or want to take some guitar lessons, we've got you covered.

Academic Tutoring

K-12 - We have expert tutors in all major subjects including Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and History. Our tutors are generally college students, graduates, or teachers and are very well versed in the current teaching methodologies.

College - Are you a college student taking upper division courses. Struggling with Organic Chemistry or your calculus-based physics course? Not to worry, we have expert tutors including seasoned college professors ready to help you.

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Test Preparation

K-8 - Whether your child is going to take a test to get into a gifted or highly gifted program or preparing for an entrance exam for a private school, we have the right tutors for you. In reality, the only way to get into these limited spots is by standing out from the crowd and standardized tests is one way this determination is made. With the right tutor, we can help your child get into the program or school of their dreams.

High School - Other than high grades, which are equally important, a high score on a college entrance test is the most important factor in determining what college an applicant gets accepted to. Whether you're preparing for the PSAT, SATs, or the Achievements tests we have seasoned, professional tutors who can help.

College - There are a ton of commercial test-prep courses out there to prepare you for tests for higher education programs such as the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, etc. While prep-courses can be very helpful and educational they are designed to cover the majority of topics for the majority of students. By design their programs do not focus on your individual needs and areas that need improvement. Having one-on-one tutoring by an expert instructor to address your individual requirements can be an invaluable tool as an alternative or in addition to enrollment in a commercial test-prep course.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - Life is about more than just school, grades, and entrance exams. Nourishing non-academic interests is just as essential as covering the academics. And let's be honest, a well-rounded individual does stand out on a college application. We have tutors who are experienced in teaching a variety of different skills ranging from basketball to playing the ukulele.

Sports - Looking for a great basketball coach or a tennis coach to teach you the basics or help you hone your skills? Look no further.

Music & Dance - Always wanted to play the piano or take guitar lessons but just couldn't find a place or couldn't afford it? We've got you covered.

Art - Want to learn to do pottery or paint or simply want to host a wine & paint party with a few friends? We can make that happen.

Foreign Language - Looking to learn to speak a new language as a hobby, but aren't interested in sitting in a classroom? You've come to the right place. We have bilingual tutors who will teach you in no time.

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