How does tutoring with us work?

It just does!

Tutoring with Tutor Garage

We've made tutoring with Tutor Garage extremely easy. All you need to do is register & complete your profile, conduct your session, and get paid.

Registration and setup

Fast & Simple Registration - You can signup in less than a minute. We only need some basic contact information such as your name, email and phone number to get you started. You can even login with your Facebook or Google account which makes the process even faster.

Profile Completion - Once you've registered, we need you to complete your profile which includes telling us a little about your background, which subject you teach and what rates you'd like to charge, as well as your availability. Of course we'll also need some information about your bank account so we can pay you electronically.

Account Approval - You don't need to do anything for this step. Once you've completed your profile we'll review it and conduct our vetting process which often includes a short video conferencing session with our team and notify you when your account has been activated.

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Conducting Sessions

Scheduling - You tell us when you're available and we'll schedule the sessions around your availability and handle all notifications, reminders, cancellations, and rescheduling. Even though we go based on your stated availability, we still require that you confirm each appointment request you receive as we understand things could change and that you may no longer be available at a time you previously said you would. Rest assured, you're never held accountable or penalized in any way for a session request you do not accept.

Tutoring Sessions - We send the reminders and provide the platform for conducting the session and extending it. Online sessions are conducted inside our video and collaborative digital whiteboard environment. You just go to the Appointment Detail screen from your mobile device and use the Start Session button to start. The process is similar for at-home sessions, you go to the same appointment detail screen when you're heading out to the student and press the button letting them know you're en route and then again when you arrive at their home. While on your way, they can see your approximate location on a map, get an ETA, and contact you via messaging or phone (private number) and you can do the same. If you want to know where to park when you get there? Call your student right from the app and ask.

Completing Sessions - Online sessions are extended by the system if both parties wish to extend their session or automatically completed once the session length booked has been conducted. At-home sessions are marked complete when you tell us they are. Once a session is completed, you'll be able to rate your student on a 5 star system and provide comments as they will be able to do for you. We also ask you both to rate our platform on the same scale and provide comments as your opinion matters to us and helps us provide you a better teaching environment.

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Getting Paid

Detailed Accounting - We provide you detail accounting of the amounts collected and allocated for each of your sessions right on the Session detail screen. You'll see session cost to the student, any applicable discounts, your share of discount, amount collected, and most importantly the amount due to you for that session.

Our Fees - We take 30% of the total amount collected from students to cover all of our operating costs as well as the transaction costs associated with each session. The remainder will go right into your bank account.

Payout Frequency - We pay you for each session within 5 business days. We need this time to allow the banks enough time to process the student's payment, any chargebacks or adjustments, credit our account, and pay it out to you.

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