Why tutor with us?

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You set your terms

You decide what to charge - You can choose your own rate for each subject.

You decide what to teach - you can change the subject you teach or your rates at any time.

You decide when to work - you tell us when you're available and we'll only schedule you during those times. Even then, you'll always have the option of accepting or declining an appointment request.

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We handle all logistics

We handle scheduling - You tell us when you're available and we'll schedule the sessions around your availability and handle all notifications, reminders, cancelations, and rescheduling.

We handle the actual session - We set the reminders and provide the platform for conducting the session and extending it. If you're meeting your student at their home, we'll even give you driving directions to get you there.

We handle all payment matters - We collect any deposits, process payment for the sessions, handle any credits or refunds and electronically deposit your earnings into your bank account.

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Completely risk-free

No sign-up fee - signing up is easy and doesn't cost you anything. You simply register and complete your profile and once you're approved, you're ready to start working with students.

No monthly fee - there is no monthly cost to stay an active tutor. Once you're registered, you can stay in the system for as long as you like. If you decide to take some time off, just update your availability so we know not to offer your services when you're not available.

No scheduling fee - there is no cost for you to accept an appointment request and once you confirm an appointment you can still cancel it up to the cancellation deadline without incurring any costs whatsoever.

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