About Us

Find out why we do what we do.

Our Story

Tutor Garage was created to fill a gap we noticed in this industry. Tutor Garage brings you affordable quality tutoring sessions by individual tutors and without the expensive overhead of large companies, a cost that would be passed directly to you.

Traditionally you had two options when it came to hiring a tutor. You could go to a large tutoring company and they would likely charge you a very high hourly rate, sell you all kinds of "packages" or get you to sign a long term "Contract" That business model is designed to achieve certain revenue and profit margins and ultimately will "fit" you into one of their existing "packages" rather than customizing a teaching plan for your specific areas of need.

If you didn't go the big company route, your only other option was to ask your friends for a direct referral or user a referral service. In that case, forget background checks, star ratings, or comments from people who have used that tutor before. At best, you will be dealing with a one-man, part time operation who will act as a mere messenger between you and your tutor.

Tutor Garage is the missing third alternative; personalized professional tutoring solution at an affordable price.

Our Mission

Prepare today's students to be tomorrow's leaders.

Tutor Garage fosters the development of lasting relationships between our tutors and their students. Our tutors evaluate each student's unique requirements to determine if traditional teaching methods are effective. This is particularly important for kids with special needs and those who respond better to alternative teaching methods. Our platform provides all the necessary tools for our tutors to support each student before, during, and after their tutoring sessions.

Our tutors will support and encourage students during the instructional process as a positive attitude improves student attention and behavior. Some students may struggle with certain concepts no matter how they are taught and it takes patience and perseverance to get through those concepts. Our tutors will be patient and adjust learning materials to meet each student's learning speed and individual needs.

Real facts about Tutor Garage

Tutor Garage uses the latest technology to provide the tools necessary for the students to succeed. By handling and automating the operational aspects of a tutoring session, the Tutor and their students can completely focus on learning.


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Satisfaction Guarantee


Donated to local schools*


We strive to build a community of learning and support in order to enhance the success of our students. We are proud and honored to partner with our local schools and will donate a portion of our profits to your school.


We are dedicated to providing you with all the necessary tools to identify the perfect tutor for your needs. We do this through our rigorous vetting process, introductory videos, star ratings, and student comments.


Our platform uses the latest in technology to make learning easy. You can access our platform directly from your iOS or Android device. Online sessions are conducted on our custom video conferencing and collaborative digital whiteboard.


We are growing fast and always on the lookout for good talent. If you are looking to join our team and help support our mission, we'd like to hear from you. Please contact us to learn about currently open positions.